My Personal Citrus Grove

I live in a lovely condo in a nice neighborhood in a delightful city. We have beautiful weather. What we don’t have is space to garden. Our backyard is a mere patio made smaller with rockscaping on the sides. A very large jasmine periodically tries to take over.


My friend has started an herb garden on the fence. It’s currently unknown if they will survive or die slowly, like the soybean plant that just gave up the ghost.

Last month I got the pressing urge to get a lemon tree. I wanted a lemon tree, badly. I wanted citrus, yes, and at the time I was buying bags of lemons at a time, but I had the emotional need to Buy A Lemon Tree.

So I did, with the full understanding that this tree would take quite a while to produce my favorite fruit.

But just look at this beauty!


I think it likes me.


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