The Problem With a Perfect Punchline



Bumper stickers.

I have a love-hate relationship with them.

Driving down the road and seeing a sticker that pithily states my beliefs raises my spirits and makes me laugh.

But seeing a series of stickers making snarky comments misrepresenting something I agree with makes my blood pressure go up.

I kind of want people to put the kibosh on bumper stickers. What would our world look like if people stopped throwing out unanswerable one-liners as they barreled by at 70 miles an hour? Do you think we might have less road rage? Or do you think we’d be more able to separate assholes from the political positions they espouse if the car with the “Hope” sticker (or the “Sorry Yet?”) hadn’t just cut us off in traffic?

Maybe taking the time to debate our beliefs and politics with each other would be better for our nation than trying to piss each other off with passive-aggressive and often misleading words plastered on our cars.


2 thoughts on “The Problem With a Perfect Punchline

  1. One-liners in place of discussion seems to be a trend that’s grown out of the bumper sticker sphere. Facebook people are always posting little memes that aren’t quite fair (their own side will agree, the other side will be offended or annoyed, and no one’s mind will be changed in any way). I don’t think that people are more “closed-minded” than in the old days, but they do seem too busy– too impatient– too witty– to stop and hold very many serious discussions. I wish it were different. On the other hand, perhaps my own response to memes and bumper stickers just illustrates how hard and foreign the concept of democracy really is. If I can sort of pretend that most people think the way I do, it’s easier to trust them to vote in decent candidates and in general to feel good will toward them. If they wave their random ideas at me on the bumpers of their cars, it’s harder.

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