Astronomy Picture of the Day

ngc474_cfht_1769Galaxy NGC 474

They think the halos are caused by galactic collisions. Very cool. Read the whole explanation at the link.


Astronomy Picture of the Day


This one is interesting. It’s a compilation of shots taken of the sun at midday throughout the year, showing how the location of the sun in the sky follows a figure-eight. This is known as an analemma.
Curious to see where some of our common symbols, like “infinity” come from, isn’t it?

Astronomy Pic of the Day

aurora2_salomonsen_658Since the shutdown effects NASA’s Astronomy picture website, I can’t pull a new image for this post. This is an older image I had saved in my “favorite pics” folder of the Aurora Borealis against a backdrop of stars. I still have dreams of making it to see the Northern Lights in person this year–2013 is a high year of solar activity before cycling back down.